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A Student Authorship Program


Qatar Writes is a dynamic program designed to open doors of
possibility for budding young authors to collaboratively create
and publish their own work. Inspired to equip youth with the
skills to imagine and create through the beauty and power of
creative expression and youth-led Project Management.


To Ignite the capabilities and skills of youth through authorship.
Empowering young creators, thinkers and explorers through the
written word.

About us

Qatar Writes is a volunteer led student authorship program for school students ages 7 to 11 years of age. The primary focus is to strengthen literacy skills in Qatar’s youth, through an engaging curriculum, friendly program, encompassing cognitive psychology, Leadership, and Project Management Skills.We believe every child deserves the opportunity to tell their story, share their talents and be celebrated for their accomplishments.

How It Works

The Qatar Writes is an eight-week program where students engage in a positive, constructive, creative program much similar to an Extracurricular Activity. Students form groups of 5-7 teammates.

Next they work through the creative process that will help them learn to Identify, Visualize, Initiate & Collaborate, Evaluate & Celebrate until they produce a piece of writing they are proud of.

Participating schools may enrol as many teams as it wishes. It is recommended at least one team per eligible grade enrols in Qatar Writes Program to ensure all aspiring young authors are given the opportunity to benefit from the skills acquired from the program.

Successful Projects

Peace and Community in Qatar

Grade 5 students wrote about experiencing peace and community in Qatar.

Peace and Community in Qatar



Grade 5 students wrote about times when they felt calm and happy. They also talked about why all of us need to have peace in our lives.

My National Pride

Grade 5 students shared stories about what makes them proud of their country and cultural heritage.

My National Pride
Writing Club Chronicles

Writing Club Chronicles: Tales of Risks Mystery and Humour

In the Writing Club Chronicles, students crafted captivating tales that will spark the imagination.



Qatar Writes Team Prices

Registration Fee550 QAR
Team of 5-73,500 QAR

Registration Fee includes full publication of the participating teams
work, team Facilitator training, team members certificates and
awarding ceremony.


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